Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying something new

My job(s) have evolved. I'm further from the tech these days & spending more time on purchasing behaviour, perception and reach. I'm also going to evolve this blog.

I tend to use Mondays to plan the week & check on progress toward strategic goals. That includes course correction on those goals. In that spirit, I also use Mondays to read material not exactly in my space. Here are my Monday factiods:

The economic impact of the "Office Lady" is global.

In Asia, the young, employed, stay-at-home female not only spends, but drives brand awareness - the alpha geek of fashinistas
Yet, Japan still has the largest gender gap in salaries.

In the US, young women out earn young men.
And, despite some great women leaders, female CEOs are rare enough to make news

Men claim to be the primary grocery shopper
Ad Age reports that 51% of men claim to be the primary grocery shopper. And are more brand aware.

B2B marketing increasing is online
From email to virtual events to social media everyone is spending more online. This includes an increased investment in Social Media - mostly for "Brand Building". In other words, the impact of social media is something that can not be directly measured.
They also plan to hire.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Acceleration market is alive...

AMD's Fusion finally saw the light of day and it's getting awards. How this translates into better computing, more horsepower and better programming models is still to be seen.

With this hardware actually in the wild, I'm looking forward to hearing about students, professors and researchers actually programming something on it. If it only saves power, it is a sound silicon design. It's industry impact will be dependant upon simplified programming and more effective computing.
I haven't seen that demo-ed anywhere yet. Have you?

Meanwhile, the world sees a need to speed up math. Those GHz aren't getting any faster, are they?