Monday, March 22, 2010

channel programs

I'm in a whirlwind tour for my company presenting at various channel events. Some are internal, so you won't hear about them. However, I've also been in the public on a couple of panels about where Cloud & Collaboration are going.

My big headline is the IT shops have yet to internalize the new expectations of their customers. If they can get the same service from Amazon EC2 in less than 30 minutes, then why can't they get it from IT.

Next stop: Linux on Wall Street. New York City, Roosevelt Hotel at 1:15pm

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've settled in at my new position. I'm back on the road at different conferences and symposia.

My focus has changed from hardware enablement of high performance to a much broader of approach of B2B marketing. I spend less time on market making, which I miss, and more time on raw creativity, which I enjoy. It is still technology and it is once again with a company attempting to change the dominant paradigm. I can't get away from those key themes.

Updates here will more regular than they have been... I have the following to blog about:
  • IDC Directions Boston: What happens to IDC when it is marketers who are spending the money, not product managers.
  • Everything Channel's LA Xchange: An event for VARs. The most interesting part was a discussion of "the next big thing" in value add.
I'm looking to attend IDC's HPC User Forum. It has been a while since I attended one and it could be fun. I just need to get it through my corporate beauracracy.

As always, these posts are mine. Though they benefit directly from my work, everything here is public information and personal observations only.