Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easy to Write = Most Popular

Foo's Paradox: 

The blog post that took the least time gets the most attention. [1]

Words are not precious. 

 I am willing to bet that the average reading speed has increased - certainly the pace of creation has.
Save the angst over a well crafted sentence for your first novel.

Making a connection matters. 

Having a point of view is most important. We still crave human connection. This is a cocktail party. Loosen up and say something that gets that girl (or guy) talking to you. Wouldn't you rather be known as the interesting one?

This does not go on your Permanent Record. 

These words may exist forever on a hard drive, but I'm writing for right now, not for humanity. The Internet is a great trash heap and there are no grades.

Stop worrying  and get writing...

[1] : I saw this quote on Twitter, but don't know to whom to attribute it. 

1 comment:

Joel Berman said...

I think the people who believe that when the reader understands the writer, all is good -- are very happy with the increase in communications.

The people who think grammar, vocabulary, spelling are as important as the sentiment and decrying the complete demise in writing style.

I am reading a lot more long form journalism these days. It must be filling a need I have.