Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting Value from Advanced Academic

This is the afternoon session for Media Lab including Schlumberger, Steelcase,

My notes are...
First, you need to articulate the underlying ideas, trends or technology that drive your competitive differentiation.
Second, understand how your culture and mission match the vision of the institution.

Third, dedicate an impassioned champion for this work who has access to high-level executives in your company.

Fourth, enable your champion to reach our well beyond the corporate silos with internal tools, support and leverage.

Claude from Schlumberger says:
  • You get ideas & IP, not prototypes
  • Interact frequently
  • Bring lots of people to visit (your academic partners can show off)
  • Learn from 'demo or die'
  • Be prepared to constantly advocate the relationship
Joe from Steelcase says:
  • Look to your future (based upon the Alchemy of Growth)
  • Co-creation as a principle
  • Learn, learn, learn...especially from the students
Kayato from NEC was a resident scientist. He enjoyed being a student and strongly recommends it.

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