Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Toyz & more... MIT Media Lab Day 1 Lab Projects

The keynote was the magician and professional skeptic, James Randi, and Seth (of MagicSeth). The bottom line was the more you think you know, the more easy you are to fool.

Scratch... tile based programming for kids. The cool item was the ability to send it also to you mobile phone. I've enabled my kids already.

Sticky Notes... that are smart. Linkiing phyiscal notes & books with computer storage. I couldn't find the video online, but the research summary is online

Sociable Robots for Weight Loss... A partner to help you achieve your long-term goals. Can't convince a friend to get you to the gym, ask Autom to help. There is a video of this one. And, it will be commercialized.

Detecting Group Dynamics.... (I think there was a catchy title for this as well, but I was blogging) Using sensors to tell you if you are running Good Meetings or Bad Meetings. The cool part was the simple feedback model. I swear 90% of everything is the UI and again, they used a simple display on the cell phone.

Cognitive Machines... Searching for the highlights of the game. "show me a video clip of Ortiz hitting a home run" Current state of the art is using the the announcer, who is often filling in the dull spots. Therefore, you need to get a machine to "look" at the video to understand the patterns within it. THIS IS COMPUTATIONALLY INTENSIVE. (4th floor)

Information Spaces... What's this virtual world stuff anyway.... I liked this one because of my personal interest in how to use online more effectively for the things we really do as humans in meetings: social clues, consensus building, recognition of social clues.

Active Sensor Nodes... Small, fast, real-time data on movement via wearable sensors. This is what Jacoby means when he says "Show me & I can learn"

Common Sense Toolkit... Yes, you too can have Common Sense via C Code. Available online as a repository of simple statements. http://commons.media.mit.edu/ & a library of sematic analysis called DIVISI. (a potentially cool little library.)

Tangible Media... You live in the real world, why can't your computer interfaces act more like real items (paintbrushes, clothes and more) This lab is also doing the Gesture Object Interfaces, which is a really cool idea. Throwing your phone on the table is much better than voice control

Zero Energy Home... a project of Changing Places... And they are really building this house in Maine. Nice ideas that can be used today. I need to re-read this stuff.

Smart Cities and Roboscooter... No American wants this, but everyone else does! What Dean Kaman thought we should target with the Segway, but he hasn't make the leap.

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