Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before Pandora...

Life in a cube is not one of quiet contemplation. It isn't one of privacy or focus.

I have an excellent set of in-ear isolation headphones. They don't help me get work done, but they do help me ignore others. I listen to Pandora mostly. I accept the advertising as a consequence of the pleasant surprises that sneak into my ear.

Feist's cover of the Beatles was perfect for avoiding sending that nasty email to a colleague on why the were (once again) failing to make my job easier.

Lately, I've been streaming other music on my iPhone (over Wifi) when I work out in the gym. It reinforced how little I care about the computer I use. I only care about the services that I can access.

Windows 8 is chasing the iPad/iPhone like Android is. Frankly, I know Android is better at some activities than my iPad or iPhone. There is nothing stopping Windows8 from being better than both at some tasks - so long as it remains open to also serve all the services I expect.

Could I become a Windows user again? I certainly don't want to go back any Windows that looks or acts like they did. All it has to be is a version of Windows that makes me forget that Windows ME, Clippy & Bob ever existed.

Maybe they should start with a new name?

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