Monday, September 19, 2011

What do Subcommittees Think?

Interesting(?) line up at Ben Quayle's next hearing...

Two EMC companies, a Microsoft and the GSA on Cloud Computing. Two Dr(s) and two Mr(s) in front a room of JDs (lawyers) talking about current wave of tech.

In all fairness, it should be noted that Capellas in addition to being CEO of VCE is also the chair of TechAmerica and the other Mr (David McClure) has been front and center in fedearl Cloud adoption & cost.

I can guess what they will say. It is the doctors who might add some interest to the event. I suspect that Nick Combs of EMC will make a product-like pitch. But Dan Reed of MSFT tends to be higher level and aspirational. He is one of the handful of very interesting technologists Craig Mundie brought on several years ago. They need to start delivering on something more interesting that "To the Cloud" soon.

Mr. Michael Capellas, Virtual Computing Environment Company

Dr. Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Nick Combs, Federal Chief Technology Officer, EMC Corporation

Dr. David McClure, Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, General Services Administration

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DougOF said...

testimony is posted.

Dan Reed Quote:
The key lesson of the consumer computing world is the importance of the “killer app” that opens computing to a new community by solving an important problem or creating a new capability. Thus, for scientists to realize fully the acceleration enabled by the power of the cloud, they also need a full complement of powerful, yet easy to use tools that are accessible via familiar PC and smartphone interfaces.