Friday, August 3, 2012

Marketing Stealth

I have a lot of responsibilities at our little, stealthy company called Tonian. I am responsible for products, marketing and assisting on business development/technology meetings. It is the kind of project I like best - wide ranging with huge potential. The hard part is finding enough time to do the important, but not time critical things. Highest on that list is general marketing. I've launched out a Tonian Blog and we're working on building out a set of resources and positioning around our leadership in pNFS, but I am lucky to spend 1 day a week on it. We don't have a product to sell (yet), but we know what we want to stand for. We are going to define what Software Defined Storage really should mean. And it isn't the Storage Hypervisor. This isn't a trivial task and it will take time. So here I sit in Ben Gurion Airport for the 3rd time in 4 months. No customers here. I owe engineering a note on a feature. The board presentation for next week is in my CEO's hands. Time to think about marketing in stealth mode as I cross the Atlantic.

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