Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More than reducing dissatisfaction

I am re-starting this blog for what I think is the 4th time.

I started this blog to live blog industry events. Now, I tweet them.

 I continued this blog to keep myself 'out there' as I transitioned. Now, I contribute to several others.[1]

I'm working for a start-up that is going very well, which means busy as all hell. I am still squeezing in time with family, friends and a semi-regular work out. I have friends posts of FB. Professional commentary on Linke-In. Short conversations on Twitter. And a handful of close friends with whom a SMS regularly. Why the hell would I type here when I should be finishing a white paper?

I need something that isn't work. Something that isn't driven by the kids, the meetings, or the calendar. This blog will provide me a few minutes of (semi) public space to record my thoughts.

So what made me log on? My January knocked my out a comfortable state of denial.

Clayton Christenson put it very well, "we work to reduce our level of dissatisfaction" I _like_ my work, my company, my colleagues, but I _love_ my family, my friends and my experiences. So, this blog is now going to be about experiences.

 This morning, I spent 30 minutes reading poetry, mostly ee cummings, and I feel better prepared for the day. I recommend you do the same. Seek out his love poems and read them aloud - even better read them to someone. Maybe they will read one back to you.

 [1] http://Open-pnfs.org http://sniaesfblog.org http://ww.tonian.com (and probably a few I missed)

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