Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Early Customers are Easy

Your first sales prove almost nothing about your long term success. 

  • Someone you know loves your product vision. 
    • Because, you are highly connected to similar people.
  • They have a budget line item for you. 
    • Because, you use the pricing model of your established competitor.
  • You don't need good marketing, channel, support or even sales tools. 
    • Because, your best people are focused on making these sales.  

Your long-term success is predicated on learning from those early customers

  • Why this is their point-of-pain.
    • So you can imagine a _much_ better product or even a new category of solution.
  • How they value you.
    • So you can build a pricing model that puts your competitors at a disadvantage.
  • What they say about you
    • So you can help others Discover, Appreciate and Purchase your product.

Inspired by Rich Mironov's Keynote at Product Camp LA.  

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