Monday, March 3, 2008

The Mission

++ The Mission

I am not a fan of blogs. In general, they are self indulgent musings in search of an editor. I can say this from personal experience, though I think I successfully purged those old postings from the net. So, why have I started another one?

I attend a number of conferences and technology related events for work and personal growth. They fall into two categories. Those that aren't generally covered by some flavor of cybernews and those that are. This blog captures my notes when they are the only ones available, or will point to others when they are.

The areas which I expect to have here are:
Mostly, Accelerated Computing and all that it means (not well covered)
Often, Emergent organizations in cyberspace (covered very well)
When I can, Market forces that affect, or effect either of the above (lots of opinion, but really mixed)

A couple very important caveats:
Rule 1: I don't mention my company. This is my blog.
Though many of the notes here may be related to my work, here I do not speak for my employer. If you want to know about my company's opinion on something, go Google it. If you want to here what I say about my employer's technology, market position, etc. go Google that too. It isn't here.

Rule 2: Nothing is Confidential. This is a public forum.
You will never find anything here that was not revealed in a public forum. I have other places to put notes that aren't meant for all to see.

Rule 3: This is temporary.
I am undertaking this project because I need to organize better in a period of high-velocity. This is not a commitment to be a pundit, alpha geek or journalist. I know several of those.

Rule 4: Lead, follow or get out of the way!
I can't stand blogs that rehash good original work into pabulum. I'd rather link than write.

Rule 5: Cluetrain says...
I recognize I am letting something into the wild. Comments, assistance and C&D requests will be equally invited and acknowledged.

AND, if someone can point me to a better place to cover these subject... I will.



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