Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ridiculously Easy Group Formation

A correction! I didn't attribute correctly the first time.

Ridiculously Easy Group Formation
is a phrase originally coined by Seb Paquet in 2002(1), but greatly enhanced by Clay Shirky's recent work(2). It is also a guiding principle for Lead, Follow...

With the in mind, the next few weeks will feature posts by people who are not me. Hopefully, this will be a regular feature and not even worth mentioning... But certainly worth reading.

Expected writers include
  • Jay O, who drives business development, interesting research and other forward thinking activities in technology.
  • Eric S, who spends his time herding cats toward a common goal of open and interoperable systems at openfpga.org
  • The executive team of Mitrionics. A smart, driven group of people whose ideas are rooted in practical delivery.

good reading...
(1) Seb's Original Blog
(2) Here Comes Everybody

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